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About this API


This API Documentation is deprecated and will be removed shortly. If you want to see the new Chartbeat Documentation go to http://chartbeat.com/docs/api/


chartbeat is a real-time analytics service, which provides an interface for viewing what users on your site are doing right now, as well as providing historical context. The entire service is built on top of API's which you can use to access and repurpose the data we collect. You must be an active subscriber of chartbeat to use the API; sign up here.


We expose this data through a series of calls that return JSON.  We currently only return JSON data because it's simple, easily readible, concise, and easy to parse in Javascript.  To find out more about JSON, visit json.org/

All calls require an API key. You can obtain and manage your keys at chartbeat.com/apikeys.


Bugs/Feature Requests/Suggestions






API Calls


Real-time API calls


  • histogram - Receive numerical data, summarized by ranges. 
  • pathsummary - Return specified data about all paths (urls) on a domain.
  • quickstats - Summarizes the current state of an entire domain or domain + path.  The number of people on a page, reading, writing, idle, etc...
  • recent - Information about the most recent visitors to a page. 
  • referrers - Information about referrer domains to a site. 
  • summary - Returns summary information about specific variables. 
  • toppages - Returns a list of pages, ordered by which ones have most visitors right now.
  • geo - Geographical visitor data. 


Historical API calls


  • alerts - A list of alerts that have been fired for a given domain.
  • snapshots [deprecated] - Historical data.  Returns a snapshot of what the real-time data was at a given timestamp.
  • stats [deprecated] - Returns the min/max/avgs of historical data for the last month.
  • data_series [deprecated] - Returns the value for a given measure (people, returning, reading, performance, a particular page or referrer, etc.) over a period of time.
  • day_data_series [deprecated] - Returns the behavior of top pages or top referring domains over a given 24-hour period.


Use cases


You want to display how many people are on a page or your entire site -> quickstats

You want to display information about the last 10 visitors to your site -> recent

You want to show a graph of how long users have been on your site -> histogram

You want a summary of how many people are writing on each page -> pathsummary

You want to show your historical uptime information -> uptime

You want to keep a record of all the alerts sent to you -> alerts


Or you can use one of our pre-built site widgets, located here!




You can find example usage in our Labs examples and the source for our site widgets



API Terms and Conditions


Please review the API Terms and Conditions before use.

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