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About this call


Recent returns information about the n most recent visitors to a given host.  This call returns real-time data.






  • host - Required.  The domain name to get recent information about.
  • apikey - Required.  An api key generated here that gives access to this call.
  • path - Optional.  Give a specific path.  If not given, data is from all paths. (Example, the path of http://chartbeat.com/signup/ is /signup/)
  • limit - Optional.  Limit the amount of recent data to this number. (Default: 50)
  • jsonp - Optional.  Give the name of a function to wrap the return data in. Learn more here






Example return:


"lng": -0.346100011492,
"ts": "1233785921650",
"I": "1",
"R": "0",
"W": "0",
"lat": 51.2135984924,
"utc": 1233785923,
"c": "18",
"e": "0",
"d": "chartbeat.com",
"g": "12",
"i": "welcome to chartbeat",
"h": "chartbeat.com",
"k": "0",
"j": "80",
"m": "0",
"n": "0",
"q": "14",
"p": "\/",
"s": "0",
"r": "",
"u": "wj4ga0okpkwd7s3a",
"t": "94bhdb07m7lz37fl",
"w": "undefined",
"country": "GB",
"y": "1966",
"x": "0"
/* another set like above */
/* another set like above */

Return variables


For a list of what the short variable letters stand for, please refer to this list.



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DarkRaverNL said

at 10:04 am on Apr 28, 2009

note: leave out the whole 'path=' parameter from the URL, not just leave it empty because that will return nothing.

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