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About this call


This call returns historical stats about several metrics for the current month.  The stats are minimum values observed, maximum values observed, and average value observed.


Status: Deprecated

We are in the process of deprecating this API endpoint in favor of a new one. We will have a new endpoint ASAP, and have remove support for this endpoint shortly after.




  • host - Required.  The domain name to get stats about.
  • apikey - Required.  An api key generated here that gives access to this call.
  • jsonp - Optional.  Give the name of a function to wrap the return data in. Learn more here





Example return:


"write_avg": 14.54,
"write_max": 23,
"write_min": 2,
"write_cnt": 5351,
"return_avg": 10,
"return_min": 1,
"return_max": 21,
"return_cnt": 5351,
"new_avg": 12,
"new_min": 4,
"new_max": 32,
"new_cnt": 5351,
"domload_max": 23461,
"domload_min": 0,
"domload_avg": 159.02,
"domload_cnt": 5351,
"idle_max": 15,
"idle_min": 0,
"idle_cnt": 5351,
"idle_avg": 4.33,
"people_avg": 23.43,
"people_cnt": 5351,
"people_min": 10,
"people_max": 56,
"read_max": 13,
"read_cnt": 5351,
"read_min": 3,
"read_avg": 9.664

Return variables


Returns an object with the calculated values.


  • variable_min - The minimum observed value of that variable this month.
  • variable_max - The maximum observed value of that variable this month.
  • variable_avg - The average observed value of that variable this month.
  • variable_cnt - The number of observations made.


For an explanation of the variables, please view the snapdays API documentation.


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