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About this call


Provides a summary of a given day for a given category of values. Specifically, get the number of people at various points in the day on a site's top pages, or get the number of people from a given domain for a site's top referrers. This is similar to data_series but focuses on cases when you want to know about an open-ended set of series (page or referrers) rather than a list you can enumerate.


Status: Deprecated


We are in the process of deprecating this API endpoint in favor of a new one. We will have a new endpoint ASAP, and have remove support for this endpoint shortly after.




  • host - Required.  The domain name to get the snapshot for.

  • apikey - Required.  An api key generated here that gives access to this call.

  • timestamp - Optional.  Unix timestamp.  The time to start the series from. Defaults to midnight Eastern Time in the US. Data prior to the last 30 days is not available.

  • type -  Required. The type of data to return. Possible values are paths or referrers.
  • jsonp - Optional.  Give the name of a function to wrap the return data in. Learn more here






( will not return data without a valid timestamp ) 


Example return:


Returns a map where keys are paths or referring domains. The values are arrays of values that parallel a special array stored under the key dates, which contains timestamps.


{"avc.com\/a_vc\/2010\/06\/gmail-performance-issues html": [6.0, 5.0, 6.0, 4.0],

"avc.com\/a_vc\/2010\/06\/forecasting html": [27.0, 19.0, 21.0, 20.0],

"avc.com\/a_vc\/2010\/05\/scenarios html": [null, 2.0, null, null],

"avc.com\/a_vc\/2010\/01\/social-status-for-social-good html": [1.0, null, null, null],

"avc.com\/a_vc\/2010\/05\/stack html": [1.0, null, null, null],


"dates": [1275932700.0, 1275933000.0, 1275933300.0, 1275933600.0]}


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