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About this call


Give an overview summary of the people on your domain right now.  This call returns real-time data.






  • host - Required.  The domain name to get summize data about.
  • apikey - Required.  An api key generated here that gives access to this call.
  • path - Optional.  Give a specific path.  If not given, data is from all paths. (Example, the path of http://chartbeat.com/signup/ is /signup/)
  • jsonp - Optional.  Give the name of a function to wrap the return data in. Learn more here





Example return:



    "direct": 129, 

    "domload": 7000.0, 

    "idle": 245, 

    "internal": 68, 

    "links": 30, 

    "new": 73, 

    "people": 278, 

    "read": 31, 

    "search": 7, 

    "social": 28,

    "visit": 60.0, 

    "visits": 278, 

    "write": 2, 

    "toppages": [


            "path": "avc.com/a_vc/2010/09/outsourcing.html", 

            "visitors": 123



            "path": "avc.com/", 

            "visitors": 38



            "path": "avc.com/a_vc/", 

            "visitors": 19



            "path": "avc.com/a_vc/mba-mondays/", 

            "visitors": 12



            "path": "avc.com/a_vc/2010/08/what-a-ceo-does.html", 

            "visitors": 10





Return variables


Returns an object with summize variables.


  • new - Number of users that are new.
  • read - The number of people reading (defined as actively moving around the page).
  • write - The number of people writing (defined as actively typing on the page).
  • idle - The number of people idle (defined as no activity for a few minutes).
  • domload - The average time it took for users to download and render the page.
  • people/visits - The total number of people.
    • direct  - people coming directly to site
    • internal - people coming from internal links
    • social - people coming from social links
    • search - people coming from search 
  • visit - mean visit length (s) 
  • toppages -  inline data from the toppages call. Paths may not contain the domain name, see toppages call for details.


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